I was lost, been around,

Finally, an outfit with my lovely, new heels. Walking on them was a challenge in the beginning, but after a while it almost seemed natural ;D


Burning down neverland

The photo is a bit weird, I tried to save it with soms effects but I fail in that kind of stuff. But I guess you guys get the picture. Love the skirt, it has all sorts of shoes on it.


Button up for school

Another outfit. went shopping for school supplies with my little broter (this is going tot be his first year in highschool). I remember being all excited about buying stuff for school. Nowadays, I postpone it to the very last day of my vacation.


I wear my sunglasses at night

It's been a week since I posted an outfit, but well, didn't wear anything interesting this week so who cares (:


Catching emotions in motion

I just felt like posting some inspiration pics. since I'm not wearing any interesting outfits lately :'D


I put my new shoes on

Heeeeereeee they are, my new heels. They're from the H&M, but I like them a lot. Funny thing is that I bought the exact same shade in nailpolish just 10 minutes before I saw these heels.



It was hot today, so that kinda explains the simple outfit. Went shopping with some friends and bought a lovely pair of heels (will post them later!).


The name's Todd now, Sweeney Todd.

Today I watched Sweeney Todd (With Johnny Depp!). Epic movie. If you don't mind a little bit of blood, I recommend it to you!


I get so fussy when I’m on my own

I just can't help it, but I keep spotting awesome shoes on the internet. Unfortunately, I'm still broke. And I can't get a summer job because I'm on vacation most of the time. Well, it's time to stop complaining because I'm finally done with school!


Oh, it's such a shame

I just love these shoes. I saw them at Invito and they are this white-ish, pink-ish colour. They look a tad mpre pink in real life then they do in this picture. To bad I'm broke.

Champagne breakfast

Today I celebrated the 16th birthday of one of my teammates. It was really nice and we drank prosecco with strawberries. Ah, it's so delicious!