Dressing up for Halloween

My birthday is coming up and there is only one big wish: one (or two? :D) pair of Minnetonkas. I prefer the really high ones, but an ankle length pair would be nice too.


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but my throat got to me again and I'm wearing my pyjamas most of the time.



Shop 'till you drop baby

I went on a shoppingspree in Rotterdam with my mom and niece yesterday, and I have to say, Primark is one big chaos. Somehow I managed to buy some lovely necklaces and skirts, but the shoes were a bit dissapointing. So we hopped on a train to Rotterdam Centraal and I bought a lovely pair at New Look.



There is no monopoly on common sense

Yay for black 'n white photo's.



Flying colours

Last week I searched for some OPI nailpolishes here in town, but I just could not find them. I tried to cheer myself up with these 'Effect Nail'colours by Etos. Just some fun colours to try something new. I've already tried the green metallic one.

I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear

I heard this song while going out yesterday (in a remixed version, that is), but I immediately fell in love with the original version.


Knock, knock. Come in.

Just some random shots.



I'm wearing all my favourite brands brands brands brands

Went to school, came home, did nothing. Same old, Same old.



Like a king without his crown

I saw these beautiful camel coloured trousers at Vila last week, but I didn't buy them because I wanted to save up some money for my shopping trip to Rotterdam next week. But now I regret not buying them.



I deleted yesterdays entry, because the picture was too horrible. Since the rain runed todays outfit, I will, or at least try, to post a better picture of yesterdays outfit.


Feeling blue


A whole new dimension

Simple, but very comfortable. It's a shame I ripped those jeans, though. It was the only pair that almost had a perfect fit. On the other hand, it does give it something extra :'D

Back to the '50

Sister dear gave me these tickets for The Baseballs concert on friday 5 november. I can't wait, even though they aren't my favourite band, I like their songs and the whole entourage.



White collar, boy on the run from the law

I haven't posted many awesome music for a while.



You may wonder why I'm posting fridays outfit on monday. Well, Blogger was being a bitch on friday, and I haven't been on my laptop until now. Perfect excuse.


I feel like cinderella

I present you guys my new.. eah... wel it's obvious that it is a pair of shoes, but I haven't come up yet with a good description. So, what are they, like, elegant army boots? :'D

Polkadot remix

Simple outfit, I wanted my tights to stand out.


kingom of heaven

I just discoverd the New Look webshop. They've got some nice shoes there. Here are some of my fav's. You see that tote bag with teh english flag? I don't know if you can see it, but it is made of flower-printed fabric. I seriously am in love with that bag.

I borrowed your silver boots

I was melting in my leather jacket on my way back from school. The scarf probably played a part in that, too.


You never know what you will find in the attic

Sorry for not updating this weekend, I had this family-weekend-thingie, which was a lot of fun (: I have like, 100 pictures of this outfit, because all pictures were moved and blurry and not good enough.