Fall is just around the corner

First school day is finally over and I feel like I desperately need a vacation. Oh, and I'm sorry I'm standing in the same lame-ass pose again, but I don't want my ill and swollen face full in sight (:


See the world hanging upside down

I managed to make pictures of my simple outfit of today. The only thing I did was putting that paper cover around my schoolbooks ('Kaften' in dutch), so I did not really feel like dressing up.

My room now looks like a clothing store

Here it is, at last. It isn't as full as I want it to be, but I think that will change rapidly (: Oh, my apologies for the un-made bed.


Come out of your cave walking on your hands

This is going to be a smal post, because I feel kinda shitty again. I went to Amstersam yesterday, the weather wasn't that nice but who cares about rain when you're constantly going from shop to shop ;D
I didn't buy as much as I expected (I have to compensate for the surfing trip I missed out on) but it was fun. Oh, and I still didn't get to show my new outfits and more important, my clothing rail, because my laptop still has some issues. I will make all of this up with you guys with this lovely song (:


Light up the darkness

I have to start blogging again. The annoying thing is that I constantly forget to make oufit photo's. And I don't want to put an outfit back on just to make the picture, It just feels fake. But since I could not attend the awesome surfing trip, my mom thought she could cheer me up with this loveeely clothing rail. I will make some pictures of it when I get upstairs, it looks really cool. But now my closet looks a bit empty, so I allowed myself to spend a bit more money then usual on clothes. I already had a little shopping spree today (:


I'm in Noordwolde bitch!

So, I came home last sunday (: The sad thing is, I couldn't attend my awesome-super-cool-surftrip with my hockeyteam because I am/was really sick. Bad karma? I don't hope so.
anyway, I don't have any outfit pics since my camera's battery died out on me, but I do have soms pics of the week I was camping with a couple of friends.


Wait, like whut!?

Well, this is going to be some sort of lame text post, since I keep forgetting to make pictures of outfits. Guess vacation takes away all the routine my life had when I was still in school. Anyway, what I wanted to say is.. that i'm (finally!) going on vacation. the first week I'm going camping (drinking) with some of my friends. I don't have a PC there, so I'll make pic and post them when I'm at my parent's boat, because my brand new, shiny laptop is waiting for me there. And then.. another week later, I'm going on a surfing trip with my lovely hockey team! I do hope we get a lot of time to shop there.. hehe..

So, I guess you guys will hear from me again in.. about one week (:
Hasta la vista!