I came to dance, dance

I might have mentioned it before, but I have 'SE-week' this upcoming week. This kinda explains the lack of updates, since I've been studying like crazy. I spent this entire day trying to figure out this single math problem. It's kinda hopeless. At least I have this song to cheer me up!


The favourite

I've been looking for a new pair of perfect jeans ever since I managed to (almost) destroy my favourite pair of jeans. I found this pair on the Topshop webshop, and as soon as my bankaccount isn't as empty as it is now, I will certainly buy them!



Summer plans

This week is my last, normal week of school. Next week I have something called SE-week (SE stands for School Exams) so I should start studying somewhere around this week. I'm really looking forward to this year's summer vacation, since I'm going on a lovely holiday to france with my friends from field hockey! Oh, and how can I forget, just two more weeks 'till Rock Werchter!

Blazer H&M Shirt H&M Boots Minnetonka's Belt + sunglasses Vintage


You really should go back to the zoo

Oh god, I'm so hopeless when it comes to school lately. I just haven't got the motivation or the discipline anymore. So, instead of learning and practicing for my English grammar test and German reading exam, I spend the afternoon haning out with my friends.

The rare minutes that I actually did spent on school, I was distracted by this awesome song.



Too school for cool

I actually had a blast at school today.

Shoes Some cheap store of which I keep forgetting the name shorts H&M top H&M Scarf ZARA


Wie mooi wilt zijn..

My budget hasn't really given me the oppertunity to buy the amount of clothes that I wanted to buy, but when I saw these lovely heels in the sale at Sascha yesterday, I just had to buy them. And even though I kind of tortured myself by wearing them to the bar last night (I forgot that wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time can be quite painfull), but I still love 'em!



The Eiffel tower

So, here are the pictures (or some of them) that I took in Paris and promised weeks ago. This serie of pictures isn't made with my own Nikon, but with my dad's camera. My shoulder was still sore from carrying my own heavy camera around the whole day before, so I borrowed his camera.




The new beginning

Okay, I'm going to make some changes around here. I haven't been motivated to blog on a regular basis lately, so I'm going to make this interesting for myself again. Í'm going to change this blog from a daily-outfit-blog to more of a journal-blog.

The reason why is because I noticed that I'm rather behind the camera then in frony of it. I will post some outfit pics now and then, but the blog won't be revolved around it anymore. Oh, and I'm planning on writing in dutch again. I'm not sure yet, but if I do, I will post an english summary at the end of every post for my non-dutch followers (If I have them :D)

Having that said, I'd like to show you my new glasses (: