Rain and leaves fell alongside eachother

No comment today.


I'm tired and I want to go to bed

The picture is a bit weird, the pose is a tad strange.. But I didn't have much time to take pictures, my apologies.


Dani California

Okay, so, this is yesterday's outfit, but blogger was being a pain in the ass and wouldn't let me upload the pictures.


Remind me to never visit the niagra falls

No outfit today, because the unexpected rain ruined my outfit. So I'll just post some things I bought in this pre-sale-thingie yesterday. I have this thing for tights lately.


It seems like summer is coming to an end

wow, I really need to keep up this blogging pace (: Finally a day without rain, it felt nice to wear my sandals again. Even though it may be the last time for like.. 6 months?


Because somebody told me

Somebody told me it's going to be 20 degrees tomorrow. They better be right.


98 and 6 degrees of separation

Weird pictures, again, but the light in my room never seems to be quite right. And I blame my sucky camera. What a shame.


Scissor sisters

When you're in New york, you are kind of obligated to buy an 'I love NY' shirt. I kept postponing it, but with just one hour left untill I had to grab a cab to the airport, my mom bought an very tight-fitting one for me. Unfortunately, I never wore it because it felt really uncomfortable wearing it. That's why I decided to attack it with some scissors today. With good results.

1939 Returning

I finally laid my hands on a pair of dotted tights, hehe. I've been looking for them for ages.



Woot, first time I post an outfit in the middle of the night. My sister celebrated her 19th birthday so I didn't have the time to do it in the afternoon.


Plastic tramp

I love these shoes, even though they're almost falling apart. Oh, and I managed to reproduce the delicious Hema ice coffee!


Monday thirteenth

Two cards I received this week. One from China, and one from America.

The stripes on a tiger are hard to change

Mondays are shitty on a regular basis, but this one was horrific.


I just wanted to show off the awesome blazer my mom gave to me (:


A typical autumn day

The pics aren't edited and a bit weird, but I'm in a bit of a hurry so that's all I've got to say for today!


The postcard crossing project

I've always had a certain interest in postcards. Every vacation a bought a stack of postcards with the intention of sending them to my friends. Unfortunately, I always forgot to ask their adresses.

That is, untill someone introduced me to this site, Postcrossing.com. All you have to do is request an adress, mail the card to the adress, wait till it's registerd and now you're ready to receive a card. Very simple, and even if it sounds dorky, it's a lot of fun.

Since I've received some really awesome cards, I really want to show them to you. So probably once or twice a week I will update about the cards I've received. Just see it as an extra thingie, next to all the outfit and fashion related posts. I hope you'll like it (:


Thistle & Weeds

I didn't make the gathering-something-outfit post, unfortunately. I actually liked that outfit, maybe I will wear it again. sometimes. anyway, today's picture are a bit weird, because I've been making pictures for like an hour and all the pictures with 'normal' poses just did not make the cut. I feel creative making weird pictures, though.


School isn't that good for you

This will be the only thing you get to see from today's outfit, because the rest wasn't really worth taking a picture from :'D. I think school's already blocking my creativity. There might, probably not, might be a chance that I post another outfit tonight, because I'm going to this.. well, it's not a party, not a festival, more of a gathering of all the people that are around my age. There will be some nice live music and ofcourse, lot's of beer (: So there is a chance that there will be a post about my 'gathering' outfit, but I wouldn't count on it.


500 days of autumn

Simple outfit, but the shirt is just so damn comfortable.